Quick Answer: Can You Share Netflix Passwords?

While only a limited number of devices can be used to watch television and films on the streaming platform, password sharing can allow multiple individuals to use the same Netflix account, circumventing Netflix’s business model, according to which each household needs to have its own account.

Can I share my Netflix password with family?

Still, it’s possible to share passwords with any number of people. Some services are more sharing-friendly than others. Netflix allows you to create up to five profiles on one account. Its different plans come with streaming limits.

How do I share my Netflix with others?

Netflix offers a way to share your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends and family.

Disconnect through the Netflix website:

  • Sign in to Netflix.com.
  • Select the profile you want to disconnect from Facebook.
  • Click your name in the upper right corner and select Account.
  • Select Social Settings.
  • Select Disconnect.

Is it a felony to share your Netflix password?

The ruling was widely reported as meaning it is illegal for people to share their account passwords with anyone else (sample headlines: “Federal court rules that sharing your Netflix password is a federal crime,” and “Federal Court Rules That Password Sharing Is Illegal Under Insane Ancient Law”).

How many people can use a Netflix account at the same time?

Once you have an active Netflix membership, you can have six (6) devices registered to your account at any given time, and you may stream up to two (2) movies or TV shows at the same time by default. There is also an option to upgrade to four (4) streams at the same time from the Your Account page.