Question: How Many Accounts Can I Have On Netflix?

Depending on the kind of Netflix plan you have, you can stream video on one device (Basic), two devices (Standard), or four devices (Premium) at a time.

You can also set up as many as five profiles, so everyone who shares an account can have their own personalized recommendations and viewing history.7 Jun 2019

How many profiles can I have on Netflix?

Profiles allow different members of your household to have their own personalized Netflix experience, built around the TV shows and movies they enjoy. You can have up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account.

Can I share my Netflix account with family?

You can also share your Netflix account password with other people to allow them to watch streaming movies through a computer or Netflix instant viewing device. Up to five family members can share a single Netflix account.

How do you add another person on Netflix?

This guide will go through the required steps for setting up a new profile on an already established account.

  • Go To The Netflix Homepage. Make sure you’re logged in and at the Netflix homepage.
  • Click Your Profile Name.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Select Add Profile.
  • Make An Age Appropriate Selection.
  • Choose A Name.

21 May 2018

Can you lock Netflix profiles?

Lock Your Netflix Profile With A PIN Code. Here is how you can setup a PIN on your Netflix account: STEP 1: Go to your account settings from the top right corner by clicking Your Account and navigate to to Parental Controls. STEP 2: It will then prompt you to enter your password.

How many profiles can watch Netflix at once?

Netflix allows up to five individual profiles on a single account (But, again, only two to four devices can stream from the same account at the same time.) And the accounts page only shows details for one profile at a time—whichever one you’re logged into.7 Mar 2016

Does Netflix charge for profiles?

The tool introduced Thursday can splinter a single Netflix account into up to five different profiles at no additional cost from the service’s $8 monthly fee.1 Aug 2013

Is it illegal to share your Netflix account?

Still, it’s possible to share passwords with any number of people. Some services are more sharing-friendly than others. Netflix allows you to create up to five profiles on one account. Its different plans come with streaming limits.31 Jan 2019

Is it safe to share Netflix account?

Unofficial policy: You can share, but they’ve made it very inconvenient to do so. In the past, you could share your benefits with another person as long as you knew their email address and birthday. Then, they could each use their own Prime account.7 May 2018

How much is Netflix family plan?

Streaming plans

PlanPriceNumber of screens at once
Basic (streaming)$91
Standard (streaming)$132
Premium (streaming)$164

16 Sep 2019

How do you add more than 4 profiles on Netflix?

Creating Profiles

Click the “Manage Profiles” link and then click the “Add Profile” button. Type in a name for the profile and click the “Continue” button to create that profile. You can create up to four profiles besides your main profile before you reach the Netflix profile limit.28 Sep 2018

Can you share accounts on Netflix?

Video on-demand streaming service Netflix is designed to be shared with multiple friends and family, catering to differing tastes within households. But many users choose to abuse Netflix by sharing the service for free. So if you share someone’s account, you should read this.14 Dec 2018

Can you share your Netflix account with others?

Yes. You can, I shared a Netflix account with someone on the east coast of the US while living on the west coast. You can have up to five different users on one account, and 2 people can use that account at the same time. Netflix has a family plan which allows up to 4 people to use an account at the same time.29 Mar 2019