Quick Answer: How Much Did Netflix Pay In Federal Taxes?

How much does Netflix pay in federal taxes?

Netflix paid no federal income tax on $856 million of U.S.


Does Netflix pay federal taxes?

Video streaming service Netflix likely paid no U.S. income tax in 2018 either, despite posting a record $845 million U.S. profit, according to ITEP’s analysis. Netflix’s annual earnings report shows an effective tax rate (after deductions) of 1 percent for the year — referring to taxes paid worldwide.

How much did Netflix pay in 2018 taxes?

THE ANSWER: No, the claims aren’t accurate. Netflix paid more than $130 million in taxes in 2018, which was roughly 15 percent of their income. That money was spent on “foreign” taxes and since the U.S. gives credits on international taxes, Netflix actually had credits in U.S. federal and state taxes.

How much does Apple pay in federal taxes?

Far from being “untouched by the United States,” Apple pays billions of dollars in taxes to the US at the statutory 35 percent rate on investment income from its overseas cash.