Quick Answer: Is Filmon Free?

FilmOn offers one basic subscription plus extras which you can pay to access.

You can also access live broadcast TV (Free in your region) but this is geoblocked according to license and location.

Free – The free FilmOn offering includes just under 100 channels, and several thousand on-demand titles.

Is Filmon TV still free?

Accusations aside, FilmOn offers a few things that Aereo does not. Both services let you stream network TV to your Internet browser via a remote antenna, but FilmOn does it for free. Without paying a dime, you can access local television stations, as well a handful of stations from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Is there an alternative to Filmon TV?

Anyone who uses firetv device can download ‘TV Player’ app directly from the Amazon app store. Android box users can download the ‘UKTV Now’ or ‘Mobdro’ apk, full sky channels for free. There are many alternatives to filmon if you want to use reliable standalone apps rather than Kodi addons.

How do I watch UK TV abroad free?


  • Choose a VPN.
  • Connect to any UK server.
  • Go to ITV’s Live TV stream.
  • When prompted, create an ITV account or open your existing account.
  • Start watching from anywhere! Heads-up: ITV’s free stream has ads.

How do I cancel my Filmon subscription?

Open www.filmon.com in browser, login and then go to http://www.filmon.com/my/orders page. Once you are there, find your most recent order number, click on it and click on Cancel button that will pop up. If the button becomes grey and un-clickable, it means you have successfully canceled your subscription.