Is Netflix Free With Telstra?

Telstra currently offers six months free access to Apple Music for new contract customers, and that deal will continue.

Telstra’s plan update will also include a three-month free subscription to Netflix, Stan and Presto (yes, all three of them) for some customers.

Is Netflix free with Telstra TV?

As in do you get a subscription to Netflix for free if you buy/get the Telstra TV? No, it has the app on it and it was coming with a couple months free but that has since ended.

Do you need NBN to get Netflix?

To stream Netflix content, you’ll need an internet connection and a compatible device. Given the amount of data Netflix uses, we recommend doing most of your watching on your home broadband. But you can also watch Netflix on the go.

Is Telstra TV free to use?

Overall, Telstra TV does have a range of perks, including: It’s a one-stop shop for all your TV and streaming needs, and allows you to search simultaneously for titles across free-to-air and streaming services . It’s available bundled-in with eligible Telstra broadband plans from $79 per month ($99 for unlimited data).

Is Netflix free on Optus?

Optus now includes 10GB of free data for streaming Netflix, Stan and ABC iView on all Epic Data prepaid plans, which start at $30 for 5GB per month. There is no data-free streaming or subscription option for Optus Sport and National Geographic.