Question: Is Netflix Getting Rid Of Friends?

“Friends” is officially leaving Netflix after this year.

The Warner Bros.

-produced hit sitcom will move from Netflix to WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service, WarnerMedia announced on Tuesday.

Will friends be taken off of Netflix?

Friends Won’t Be There for You on Netflix Starting in 2020

The iconic ’90s NBC sitcom will be removed from the streaming service at the beginning of 2020. All 236 episodes will instead be available on HBO Max, a new streaming service whose name was unveiled Tuesday by WarnerMedia.

What day are they taking friends off Netflix?

In early December, after fans of the sitcom collectively lost it when they noticed an expiration date of Jan. 1, 2019 on the show’s landing page on Netflix, the streaming giant confirmed that the beloved NBC sitcom would remain available in the U.S. throughout 2019.

Is Netflix going to shut down?

Per Figure 1, NFLX ended 2018 down 36% from its early July highs. After bouncing back to start 2019, NFLX is down 8% since January 15 (S&P +1%). Investors are signaling that they will not subsidize Netflix’s huge cash losses forever.

Are CW shows leaving Netflix?

All of those series, as well as Friends, are produced by Warner Bros. TV. The CW’s streaming deal with Netflix expired in May. Current CW series already streaming on Netflix (like Riverdale and The Flash) will continue to do so until they wrap their runs.