Quick Answer: Is The Last Chapter On Netflix?

The Last Chapter.

To all of our fans that have Netflix, The movie our actor, Norman Newkirk’s 1977 movie “Joy Ride” is now streaming on Netflix.

How many episodes are in you on Netflix?

There are 10 episodes of YOU season one. As per usual, all will be released onto the streaming service in one go.

What Programmes are on Netflix?

Popular on Netflix

  • Peppa Pig.
  • Friends.
  • The I-Land.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father.
  • Orange Is the New Black.

Is the show you a Netflix original?

The series premiered on Lifetime on September 9, 2018, in the United States, and streaming on Netflix, internationally, on December 26, 2018.

How many episodes of OA are there?