Question: Is There A Way To See What You’ve Watched On Netflix?

All you have to do is head to your Netflix account, hit the avatar at the top right and click on ‘Account.

‘ Then, scroll down to the ‘My Profile’ section and click on ‘Viewing activity.

‘ Behold, pages, upon pages, upon pages of shows you’ve watched.

How can I see my viewing history on Netflix?

Finding your viewing history on Netflix is a simple affair. Visit, ensure you’re logged in and then hover over your profile name. Select Your Account from the menu. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select Viewing Activity.

Can you see how many times you’ve watched something on Netflix?

Then hit ctrl+f and type in the name of the thing you want to know how much you watched it. Press enter (more then once), and you can see how many times you’ve watched it.

How do you delete recently watched on Netflix?

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How can I see what I’ve watched on Amazon Prime?

On the Prime Video page, click “Settings” at the top-right corner of the screen, click the “Watch History” option, and then click the “View Watch History” button. This page shows a complete history of all the videos you’ve ever watched on Amazon, with your most recently watched videos at the top.

How do I delete my viewing history on Netflix?

How to clear your Netflix viewing history

  • Open Netflix in the browser of your choice.
  • Hover over your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Click Account.
  • Click Viewing Activity under My Profile.
  • Click the X next to a title to remove it from your viewing history.
  • Click Remove Series?

Does Hulu keep viewing history?

Announced on May 17, the new feature quickly and easily allows you to delete shows and movies from your watch history, and, best of all, it doesn’t judge. Deleting titles from your history is simple enough. The “Remove” button will appear next to any title you’ve previously viewed, under Hulu’s “Keep Watching” tab.