Quick Answer: Was Darkest Hour Filmed At Chartwell?

Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman filmed in Kent at Chartwell in Westerham and Fort Amherst in Chatham.

Two Kent locations have a starring role in the latest blockbuster, Darkest Hour, about wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill.

Other scenes were filmed using the tunnels at Fort Amherst.

Was the darkest hour filmed in Buckingham Palace?

Filming took place in Manchester, England at both the Town Hall and John Rylands Library, both doubling for the Houses of Parliament and feature heavily in the film.

Was the darkest hour filmed in the war rooms?

The Cabinet War Room as it’s seen today within Churchill War Rooms. The Darkest Hour crew spent three and a half weeks filming scenes that take place in the War Rooms, recreated by production designer Sarah Greenwood and her team at West London’s Ealing Studios.

What was Churchill’s darkest hour?

“The Darkest Hour” was a phrase coined by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to describe the period of World War II between the Fall of France in June 1940 and the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 (totaling 363 days, or 11 months and 28 days), when the British Empire and Commonwealth stood alone (or

Who played Churchill’s secretary in darkest hour?

In the Darkest Hour movie, Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) scolds his personal secretary Elizabeth Layton (Lily James) for hearing him wrong and dictating the incorrect word.