What Are The Roles In PUBG Mobile?

Who is the No 1 player in PUBG mobile?

#1 Paraboy Zhu “Paraboy” Bocheng, also synonymous with destruction, is a Chinese player who currently plays for X-Quest F.

He has represented XQF in a number of esports tournaments all over the world and has managed to edge past his competitors by some distance..

Which phone does scout use for PUBG?

iPhone 11 Pro MaxScout uses the 4 Finger Claw Setup and plays in an iPhone 11 Pro Max. He is also good friends with another famous PUBG Mobile player, Mortal.

What is Berserker PUBG?

(b)Terminator [without gold lining] – Killing the last person alive and getting rank 1. • Marathon Man – Covering over 1000+ m distance by feet. • Berserker – Doing damage over 800 with 3+ kills and survival time over 20+ min. • Chicken Master – Getting rank 1 with 5+ kills.

Who is the God of PUBG?

Coffin aka SP-Coffin (recent name) is a professional PUBG Mobile player from Turkey. Coffin is known as God of PUBG Mobile.

Which phone does mortal use?

Mortal initially started playing on iPad 2017 but then later switched to a mobile device for playing competitive games. Mortal bought ASUS ROG to practice and stream but he owns iPhone XR and OnePlus 7 Pro as well.

Who has highest kills in PUBG?

1) RRQ G9: The 2018 world champions’ team leader, G9, tops the kill leaderboard with 55 kills, and is one of two players to have crossed the 10k damage mark. He is also leading in grenade kills, with 10 such points. 2) BTR LUXXY: Luxxy, the best sniper in the world, is not far behind.

What is flanking in PUBG?

Flanking is a technique in shooting games where one goes around the enemy team to surprise the latter and attack from an undisclosed location. While flanking an enemy squad, a player needs to be cautious and aware of their surroundings.

What is clutch PUBG?

The game is developing and is updating itself for the future, and so are many players. Maximum of the PUBG players now want to be the best. … It is very easy for four guys to take down a single player and getting out of such a situation is called a clutch.

Which phone does dynamo use?

Aditya Sawant from Dynamo Gaming has some amazing things to say about his gaming experience on the Samsung #GalaxyS10.

What is highest kills in PUBG?


Which is better m762 or AKM?

Both guns are incredibly accurate at a single fire mode. The AKM only has a unique fire mode, and a full auto mode. … AKM does more damage per bullet, and is better for extended ranges. AKM shoots much slower than M762, making the M762 the one with a higher DPS.

What are the roles in PUBG?

Remember that these roles can also be used on PUBG Mobile.LEADER. Better known as IGL (In Game Leader), the Leader is the player who will make important decisions and guide the team in the game. … THE SNIPER. … THE FRAGGER. … THE SUPPORT.

What is the role of Assaulter in PUBG?

As the name indicates, the entry fragger or assaulter is the first person to engage in battles on the field. The assaulter or the entry fragger leads the squad while rushing towards the enemies. The individual performing this role must be great in close-range fights.

What is top fragger in PUBG?

PMWL 2020: PUBG Mobile 2020 Season Zero top fragger, headshot master & combat medic awards announced. Bigetron RA sniper Luxxy was the top fragger from the PMWL 2020 East region with 153 knocks and 142 kills. Loops Esports’ Carrilho was the top fragger from the PMWL 2020 West region with 183 knocks and 177 kills.

Why is PUBG important?

The positive effect of the PubG. Many scientists and psychologists find that video games can actually have many benefits – the main one is making people smart. … In shooting games like PubG, the character may be running and shooting at the same time.