What Does Meha Mean In Spanish?

What does Meha mean?

2 Answers.


“mija” is the contracted way of saying “mi hija” or “my daughter”.

If talking about “my son” or “mi hijo”, the contracted way is “mijo”..

What does it mean when a guy calls you Mija?

hmm ” mija” is often used as slang, it means——> my daugther. you can also say” mijo”, it means —> my son. both words are short forms from —> ( mi hija , mi hijo ) , you can use this words not only with children, you can also use it refering to your friends , homies, your man or lady! ..

What does Wela mean in Spanish?

kitekite is used in Spanish. The word wela is used in Spanish meaning kite.

What does Ñañe mean in Spanish?

English Translation. yam. More meanings for ñame. yam noun.

What does mijita mean in English?

mijita f (plural mijitas) Diminutive of mija; sistergirl, homegirl, girlfriend, honey.