What Does Neville Say About Luna?

I truly believe Luna and Draco are cousins.

Luna’s mother has to be Lucius’ sister, in my eyes.

Hagrid said all Purebloods are related one way or another, and I think he’s right.

Movie Luna and Draco look so much alike, they just have to be family..

Why did Neville marry Hannah?

Jo also revealed that Neville Longbottom married Hufflepuff Hannah Abbott and she was to become the landlady at the iconic Leaky Cauldron Pub. She thought that people would find the fact of Neville’s living over a pub particularly cool.

Did Neville Longbottom like Luna Lovegood?

No, this is only in the film and not in the books. J. K. Rowling does not say whether Neville had any girlfriends before the one who became his wife. However, he seems to have been quite young when he married Hannah Abbott. She says that Luna married quite late, which presumably means at 30 rather than at 20.

Who does Cho Chang marry?

MuggleCho Chang/Spouse

Did Luna and Neville dated in real life?

In short, Luna is almost definitely the dreamy, Indiana Jones of the magic world at this point. While Neville and Luna never officially dated in the books or the films, their popularity as a couple in the fan community is totally understandable. … Kudos to both Lynch and Rowling for knowing Luna Lovegood so well.

Did Luna have a crush on Harry?

She wasn’t crushing on him like ginny did with harry, but she clearly would like to be part of the gang and thought ron’s rudeness was funny. … Something I noticed today while listening to the audiobook is that when Luna comes over to show off her lion hat before the first quidditch match she only says good luck to Ron.

Did Luna Lovegood die?

Luna guided both the injured Ginny and the Confunded Ron until they met up with Harry and Neville. Luna was one of the last D.A. members to fall, eventually being stunned by a Death Eater and thrown across the room. She regained focus just before the end of the battle and survived relatively unscathed.

What did Neville say about Luna in Deathly Hallows Part 2?

During the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 after his run from the shattered footbridge, an adrenaline-struck Neville Longbottom runs up the stairs where he meets Harry: … Neville: Never better! I feel like I could spit fire. You haven’t seen Luna, have you?…

Does Neville have feelings for Luna?

We know at the end of the initial Harry Potter movie series that Neville Longbottom had a bit of a crush on Luna Lovegood, and during the Battle of Hogwarts, sought her out to “confess” to her.

Did Neville confess to Luna?

Did Neville marry Luna? No they didn’t end up together, although the films tried to make it seem as though they did, with Neville running off to tell Luna he had feelings for her.

Did Neville have a crush on Hermione?

Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s classics revealed who he had a crush on in the series. It’s not a surprise, to be honest. Speaking to Seventeen, he admitted that he liked Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger.

What would have happened if Voldemort chose Neville?

Voldemort cannot attack Harry after Neville. If he had cursed Neville, his soul would still have shattered and Neville would be the Horcrux never intended to be made. Voldemort would become less than the meanest ghost, and Harry would not be harmed. He would be a normal boy.