Question: What Is The Most Watched Show Of All Time?

What is the most watched TV show of all time?

The season-eight premiere of “Game of Thrones” was the show’s most-watched episode across all of HBO’s platforms.

We looked at how HBO’s “Game of Thrones” numbers compare with Nielsen ratings for 2018’s biggest shows, including “Roseanne” and “This Is Us.”

Is Game of Thrones the most watched show of all time?

The first numbers are in for HBO’s massive Game of Thrones finale, and the final episode of the show’s eighth (and last) season has not only broken the record for the show, but with 13.6 million viewers on the live HBO channel, has become the most watched episode of any HBO show, ever, via The Wall Street Journal.

What is the most watched TV show in US history?

According to their stats, these were the 10 most-watched TV shows in the United States in 2018.

  • Roseanne (ABC) – 20 million viewers.
  • Sunday Night Football (NBC) – 19.5 million viewers.
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 18.3 million viewers.
  • NCIS (CBS) – 16.7 million viewers.
  • This Is Us (NBC) – 16.6 million viewers.

What is the most watched TV show 2018?

The 10 Most-Watched Shows of 2018 (PHOTOS)

  1. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Average No.
  2. NCIS (CBS) Average No.
  3. This Is Us (NBC) Average No.
  4. Young Sheldon (CBS) Average No.
  5. Manifest (NBC) Average No.
  6. The Good Doctor (ABC) Average No. of Viewers: 14.5 million.
  7. America’s Got Talent (NBC) Average No. of Viewers: 14.2 million.
  8. Bull (CBS) Average No. of Viewers: 13.5 million.