Where Is The Netflix Office Located?

Netflix Headquarters Info

The Netflix headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California.

There is no corporate website, but there is a website dedicated to Investor Relations that offers visitors information on the corporate side of the business [+].

Is the office on Netflix?

“We’re sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform — but members can binge watch the show to their hearts’ content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021,” Netflix wrote.

What countries is Netflix available in?

Countries where Netflix is now available

  • China. Crimea. North Korea. Syria.
  • Afghanistan. Albania. Algeria. American Samoa.
  • Bahamas. Bahrain. Bangladesh. Barbados.
  • Cambodia (Kampuchea) Cameroon. Canada.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo. Denmark. Djibouti Republic.
  • Falkland Islands. Faroe Islands. Fijian Islands.
  • Gabon. Gambia. Georgia.
  • Haiti. Heard Island and McDonald Islands. Honduras.

Where is Hulu located?

Santa Monica

How many staff does Netflix have?

As of 2018, Netflix employed approximately 7,100 full-time workers, 6,900 of those working in the company’s streaming segment.