Quick Answer: Why Does Netflix Say I Have Too Many Downloads?

Why does Netflix say I have too many downloads when I have none?

Netflix says ‘You have too many downloaded videos.

(10016-22005)’ It indicates that you have exceeded the maximum number of simultaneous downloaded titles from the same license agreement.

Deleting downloads you are done watching is often enough to resolve this error.

Is there a limit to Netflix downloads?

According to Netflix, users can store a maximum of 100 unique titles on a single device at any given time. In case you exceed that download limit, which seems to be quite unlikely, you’ll see an error on your app which says that you have too many downloaded videos on your device.

Why are my Netflix downloads failing?

It typically indicates that there was a problem with one or more of your downloads. Tap the exclamation point next to your downloaded title. Search our help center for the error code or message you see. Follow the troubleshooting steps in the article for your error, then try Netflix again.

How do I remove a device from Netflix downloads?

To remove a device and all its downloads from your account, head to Netflix in your browser, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, and click Account. Here, you’ll see a list of devices you’ve downloaded videos to.